A History of the Silver American Eagle

The American Silver Eagle, first issued in 1986, comes only in the 1 Troy Ounce Size. The coin has a face value of $1, and is 99.9% fine silver bullion. The coin, including its weight and purity, are guaranteed by the US Mint. The American Silver Eagle has been produced by several US Mints, including the Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point Mints.

The front side of the American Silver Eagle contains an image of “Walking Liberty”, originally designed by Adolph Weinman, which was first used on the US Half Dollar in circulation from 1916-1947.

The reverse side displays an Eagle behind a shield that is holding a olive branch with his right talons and arrows in the left ones. The 13 stars above the Eagle’s head symbolise the original 13 colonies.

The coin’s mintage has increased dramatically in response to increased demand since the 2008 recession.

Year        Mintage
2000 9,839,132
2001 9,748,109
2002 11,186,368
2003 9,242,839
2004 9,684,356
2005 9,707,688
2006 12,235,572
2007 10,471,128
2008 21,817,736
2009 30,459,000
2010 35,624,500
2011   TBD